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Recent Rules Regarding Military Clearance


Please note: our prices and information are correct as of the last update date shown on the home page (top right) - to the best of our knowledge.

Kas Marina Completion

Kalkan neighbours many important Lycian sites (Patara, Xanthos, Letoon, Tlos, Kekova-Simena), for more info visit our Lycia website.



The rules have recently changed regarding the way in which military clearance is obtained, before a foreigner can buy a property.

In some cases it may speed up the buying process, as we explain below.

The relevant law here is Law No 6302.  It stipulates that before a foreigner can buy a property in Turkey, checks must be made to ensure that the land is not considered militarily sensitive. In Kalkan, to the best of our knowledge, there are no sensitive areas, and the search is widely regarded as a formality, albeit an important one.

Good news-bad news

This military search can take several weeks to obtain, and slows down the whole buying process.  So the good news is that in 2012 it was announced that the search would be made much quicker, by sending the military maps to local tapu offices.  This would enable searches to be made locally, rather than having to send them off to a central point for processing.

This new system was supposed to be up and running by May 2013.  However the bad news is that the maps have not yet been delivered: well, certainly not to the Kaş tapu office, and as far as we know, nowhere else either.  So whilst local checks are coming, currently in Kaş, it is still taking about 10 weeks to get a search back.

Previous searches may help

But there is a positive development that we can share with you.

For planning purposes, land is divided into parcels, and a number of parcels are grouped together in a block - this block in Turkish is called an "ada".

From August 2013, where military clearance has already been obtained for a parcel of land within a specific "ada", then that military clearance can be used for all the other parcels in the same block, without the need to undertake an additional military search.

The only proviso here is that the original search that is being relied upon must have been made after 5th May 2011.  Searches made before this date do not count.

So if you are about to buy a property in Kalkan, you may wish to check whether there are any previous searches that will save you time and money.

Source: the Kalkan Local News website.




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